Greeting to all

We are looking for best candidate to join us.
1. General Clerk / HR Admin
2. Account Clerk / Account Admin

Requirement :
Bahasa Melayu is required; literacy in English is an advantage.
Possess clerical ability for documentation.
No minimum working experience required.
If you are fast learner, team-player, innovative, skillful, and have good leadership, JOIN US!

Kindly send us your most impressive resume at
Dateline for application submission : 14th Feb 2020

Please include these in your email :
Expected salary
Position Applied
Relevant Experience & Skills
State if you are fresh grad, we encourage you to join us

INTERVIEW : 17 – 20 FEB 2020
Selected candidates will be notified.
We will consult you for interview slot.
Save the date and free your time.
Prepare to enjoy the interview session.

Locate us here: